Random Brew Recipe Generator

[random-number from=”30″ to=”100″ format=”%b”]%d grams coffee / kilogram water (approx g/L)[/random-number]
[random-number from=”1″ to=”6″ format=”%f”]%d minutes[/random-number]

This is intended for use with the coffee brewing research study.

It has been kept as simple as possible, just providing a brew ratio/recipe and a contact time (this can be interpretted as total contact time or pour time – it doesn’t really matter). The intention is to facilitate experimental combinations of brew parameters which participants may not normally make.

It is not necessary to use this when performing this study. Participants may submit whatever brew they wish – but the option is there.

Parameters not covered above (eg temperature, turbulence, grind size) can be at participants discretion.

It is up to the participant to scale the brew ratio to their beverage size. (eg 68g/1kg ration = 20.4g/300g).


13 thoughts on “Random Brew Recipe Generator

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