Iced Coffee

It’s a bit shit.



20 thoughts on “Iced Coffee

  1. Bek Freeman says:

    Please come to Prufrock and let us brew you an iced Kangunu. No sugar, no fancy method, just a very tasty coffee brewed quite simply (frech press and cloth filtered), then allowed to cool completely on its own before pouring over ice.

    All attempts I’ve made at brewing over ice or cooling too quickly do end up with a bitter edge… Also perhapd some coffees are just less suited to being consumed cold?

  2. Rob Smyth says:

    Tut tut!

    Depends what you want/expect from it. If you’re comparing it to regular brewed coffee, then yeah you’ll probably be disappointed. If however you want an iced based coffee drink, served much in the way of an iced tea, then it can be great. Brewing straight onto ice can leave a little bitterness, but it’s still more than tasty enough to drink and enjoy. From personal experience choice of coffee is important & bright/fruity east Africans seems to suit better.

    Like the sound of that Prufrock recipe Bek, will be giving that one a blast at the weekend, thanks! 

    • Coffeemania says:

      Agreed “depends on what to expect from iced coffee”.

      Welcome to Moscow!
      We starting serving V60 on ice at Coffeemania. Brew straightly on ice cubes.
      Though we change weight of ground coffee to have more flavours.

      Finally taste of black ice coffee resembles taste of black ice tea with citrus or berries, sweet enough, fresh enough.

      I enjoyed Yirgacheffe brewed on ice, though expereince with Sumatra was stunningly great.

  3. johnny says:

    what about cold press? that is what we use. i like the dense body. the ice melts and the consistency gets even better. a touch of cream really compliments the texture too.

    as far as brewing for cold coffee, i’m not a fan either

  4. Alistair W says:

    Agreed, never had an iced coffee that I enjoyed.

    Reckon the whole rationale for iced coffee is that if it works with tea it should work with coffee which is sadly not the case.

  5. Alastair says:

    As an exclusive drinker of iced coffee, it’s probably about as variable as anything else, but definitely not always shit. Cold brew in particular can stand it’s own ground in any company IMO.

    You know what’s a bit shit? Iceists! Say no to iceism! 😉

  6. Gethin Lynes says:

    What an absolutely fucking absurd thing to make claim to. For a start “Iced Coffee” is an obtusely ambiguous term, but let’s say for the sake of argument that everywhere you went made Iced Coffee in exactly the same way (as opposed to the reality, that even if you find a good one in one place, you travel the rest of the globe for decades and never find someone else who could reproduce it).

    So all abiguities aside, even then it’s a ridiculous statement. I like a long-black, therefore Latte’s are a bit shit. Filter coffee is amazing, and french press/caffetiere/plunger coffee is… a bit shit. I really like apples, and oranges are… wait for it… a bit shit.

    Personally I’m not a fan of iced coffee so much – in any form – but Iced Coffee, or any bloody coffee for that matter, is only as shit as the barista who can’t work out how to make a good one, or as shit as the coffee it’s made with, or as crap as my taste buds tell me it is…

    • I don’t believe it is simply a matter of personal taste. Instead I believe that without adulteration, coffee is somewhere between faintly tolerable and unpleasant when cold. Just as hot coke is unpleasant, it is a matter more I believe of appropriate temperature for the levels of sweetness and bitterness within the beverage.

      • Gethin Lynes says:

        Again, I have to disagree. Particularly brewing a lot of single origin filter coffee, part of my tasting process is to taste repeatedly as the coffee cools, and note the change in flavour as it gradually gets to cold.
        Certainly some coffee is unpleasant, even disgusting, cold – but it comes down to the particular coffee, and the personal taste. Some coffee is amazing cold.

      • Alastair says:

        How is cold coffee adulterated, while (presumably) hot coffee is not?

        I think you hit the nail on the head when you come down to your subjective opinion. Cold drinks cover the gamut of sweet and bitter, and people just migrate to what they like – which might well be bitter for some.

        Cold coffee can be quite sweet without any added sugar – try an iced latte from Nude in London and try and find any degree of bitterness in that drink. Sure it’s the milk tempering the potential bitterness in the coffee, but then, the same’s true for all those milky hot coffee drinks too. Cold brew coffee tends to have no bitterness whatsoever – it’s just a pain to prepare.

        The bottom line however – I drink the cold coffees on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s as you say, shite. But it’s usually pretty delish. That’s why I drink the stuff. Nice, not nasty.

  7. My favourite style of iced or cold coffee is served at my local (and supplier to my cafe) Coffee Alchemy.

    It’s sparkling (carbonated) cold drip. They’ve even installed beer taps to serve it from during their recent renovation. Cold & refreshing, it’s my favourite way to drink coffee during summer.

    It’s certainly not shit. Not even a bit. 😉

  8. Pat Russell says:

    hmmmm… I share your opinion on hot coke, but have had some delicious coffees iced. I really like how some of the really light and bright Kenyans emerge when iced. They can present cleanly without some of the muddiness and bitters that I’ve found in some Brazils and Indos… hell even in some Centrals — and the more citrus evident in a hot version generally the better (for me at least). I keep it simple and brew in a Technivorm then remove to a carafe, chill and serve cold… sometimes over coffee-cubes. Yes. Coffee-cubes.

    Really intrigued by the idea of the sparkling cold drip mentioned above… I’m going to have to try that out.

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