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As many who read this and who know me personally will be aware, I am a scientist. I have spent most of my adult life in active research, both during my PhD and subsequent work. For the last number of years, as this blog and other activities will testament my passion for speciality coffee has grown exponentially. There are times when this ate up so much of my time that it became like a second job (albeit without the pay) and the aspect of my life that tended to lose out was that with my (terribly understanding) family. This was never desirable for me, and as my young family has grown it has become less and less acceptable. Something had to give.

It has long been my desire for this consuming passion to somehow coincide with my work. I’m delighted to announce such an opportunity recently arose, and on January 4th I sit down for work at my new desk in the Marco R&D Department.

I first really came in touch with Marco a couple of years back at the Judges training for the Irish Barista Championships, and then again at Catex (trade event) where the Uber Boiler first made an appearance. Over time, at events, competitions, courses and in between I came to know the company as well as many of the individuals, and I was always struck by their integrity, good-humour and passion. I can’t think of many better qualities you would hope to use to describe a would-be employer.

Right now I feel a little like the cat who got the cream and I can barely wait for January 4th to come around.

Wish me luck.


17 thoughts on “What’s Next

  1. I wish you all the luck in your new position David.

    Marco have made a very smart decision

    Christmas has finally come for the coffee industry!

    It’s fair to say there have been a few people hoping you’d head into it sooner or later

  2. Chris Capell says:

    Congratulations David, that’s fantastic news. A few years back I made a leap from another profession into coffee, and I’ve never doubted my decision. And mine was a much bigger leap – I’m excited that you’ll be able to continue using your science skills, but just applied to something you’re more passionate about.

    And congrats to your family as well for getting a little more of your time now. 🙂

  3. Maureen McCartan says:

    Congratulations from Perth, Western Australia. Sounds like a dream job, well deserved.
    Delighted to know that there is a health coffee culture in Ireland as we are planning to return “home” in the near future and I was getting a wee bit concerned about sourcing quality green beans for home roasting in my “coretto”.
    Look forward to joining the other “coffee snobs” in Ireland.


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