When Paul met… The Xpress Cup

During some recent shenanigans at Marco HQ, Paul Stack (El Grande Uber himself) whipped out a bunch of these Xpress thingies. They’re made by a company called Smartcup, and the basic idea is that it is a disposable french press that is also your cup. The idea of a cup with a built in press isn’t all that new, but in a disposable form I guess it is. So instead of getting a cup of brewed coffee and taking that away, you would get a cup of brewing coffee and take that away. I would have a few concerns, but anyway, here’s what Paul thought.


2 thoughts on “When Paul met… The Xpress Cup

  1. Quite jaunty – “Off to work we go.” Haha

    We grabbed a few of these to put in our dirtyCup press pot review as an aside and have tried a couple. Have to agree with Paul – plastic-y up front for sure. Decanting does, in fact, help that aspect, but it’s still there. Perhaps a different material for construction could alleviate that?

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