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Caption Competition

Ok, so I got a gift of an aeropress at Christmas, something which I already own. I can no longer bear to see its boxed visage in the kitchen.

So to remedy this situation I am asking that people respond in the comments with suggested captions for the below image.

The best one (picked by me) gets the aeropress (and maybe a surprise).

Tim and Jim


26 thoughts on “Caption Competition

  1. What I want to know is how your extra aeropress has anything to do with this photo? What does a caption have anything to do with this?

    As an investigative reporter, looking after 10yr old Captain TW (who is wearing his new pajamas) I feel this is important.

  2. …as the years rolled by, the past World Barista Champions came up with ever more outlandish, and inevitably demeaning methods to attract attention to themselves, this time James thought Tim had gone too far…

  3. The UBC costume party theme was “Hollywood Heroes”. James came as classic Sam Spade. Tim chose the more obscure eponymous title character from “Andy Warhol’s Superman”.

  4. Rob Smyth says:

    …and as mankind slept, unbeknownst to them, the secret heroes of the League of Baristas continued their tireless battle against the evil hordes of the Emperor, Dark Roaster.

  5. )on Lewis says:

    mild-mannered bloggers by day, a growing society of misfits are discovering their super-human abilities to transform red cherries into brown liquid // with nothing but his mind and a demitasse spoon, The Hoff skims the evils of untasteful dogma faster than a scuba-charged mypressi twist // able to cup all CoE lots with a single slurp, Wonderboe defends truth and acidity wielding his ferment-resistant aeropress of justice!! it’s a barista… it’s a roaster… it’s…

  6. Emily says:

    “… and while it was apparent they were fighting for the same cause, it was clear their methodologies were somewhat different….”

  7. The Green Bean (our mild-mannered superhero) felt a tinge of hypocrisy, apprehending the flasher, when the flasher quite rightly pointed that the superhero’s shiny purple nylon pants left little to the imagination.

  8. Howard says:

    It’s really a new form of expressionist latte art. Mostly composed of cuban roasts with a little Brazilian carnival for good measure….hmmmm…. little Brazilians….

  9. Ok, that’s long enough with no more efforts. Laughed my ass off at these. I think though, I laughed hardest at Jay Fox calling Jim the “little shit who keeps mixing up Kenco’s beans for instant with their beans for ground!”

    (also the response from Mr Makusa “Defiling the holy Kenco!” kept me chortling for ages).

    Jay gets the Aeropress.

    Runner up – Tim Varney’s effort. Tim may get the surprise mentioned in the original post.

    Honorable mention to Mike White for filthy-mindedness.

    Thanks everyone!

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