Bacchi to the Future

This is a ropey video I threw together. Apologies in advance.

Stovetop espresso is no longer a misnomer.

Thanks to Colin for the loan. Didn’t mention on the video, but it tasted good, clean, no hints of burnt flavours that you might associate with a moka pot brew.

More info here, here and here.


6 thoughts on “Bacchi to the Future

  1. Interesting that it brews so fast and yet extracts so much. I guess this is because it is kind of preinfusing until you open the tap (as the liquid does appear pretty much instantly).

    How do slower brews taste?

  2. I remember a recent Twitter conversation about what “upside-down espresso” would taste like. Guess this is as close as we get. Oh, and thanks for figuring this one out Dave. Maybe this can be the comproise on Filter Sundays 😉

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