Behmor Video Clip

Hope to have a review of the Behmor up by the end of the week, but in the meantime…

Behmor Coffee Roaster from The Other Black Stuff on Vimeo.


4 thoughts on “Behmor Video Clip

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  3. Hi David,

    Just came across your blog. I noticed you had Peaberry beans, over the Christmas I got some Blue Mountain Peaberry, but have still to try it. Do you you think there is a distinct benefit for using these beans ?

    I’m sure I will be back to your blog,


  4. Hi Paul, for roasting I find peaberry, if anything to be slightly more difficult to roast. As you may know, inside the coffee cherry there are usually two beans (or pits). In the case of peaberries the two pits are fused into one. The increased size can make the roasting a little more unusual.
    As far as taste goes, with all beans it depends on the farm, and the varietal. I’ve had some smashing peaberries, and some so-so ones.
    Hope that helps,

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